Good morning Wish! A very, very happy Pet of the Day to you!!! You are precious beyond words, Wish, a beauty inside and out, and quite the mischievous scamp, too!

It sickens me to think of sweet and loving, defenseless creatures such as yourself being neglected and abused at that home of that dreadful "breeder!" Thankfully your forever family found their way to you in time, and now, nothing but happy, carefree, love filled days to look forward to! You truly are blessed, Wish, though I'm sure your family would say it is they who are the truly lucky ones, having been blessed with a beautiful and loving best friend in you!

Heartfelt thanks to your family for sharing your very touching, very special story with us all, giving us the chance to pay tribute to all that you mean to them! And oh, your pictures are heart melting! That shot of you posing in the field of pretty flowers, exquisite!
Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, sweetheart, celebrating with your proud people and Pinto pal; please have your humans give you and your friend a fave treat for me!)
Lots of love to you, precious Wish! Long and happy life to you!