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Thread: Buddy - licking my hand or wrist <3

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    Buddy - licking my hand or wrist <3

    Does your cat lick you?

    Buddy will lick my wrist or hand, or, my ankle. It is the sweetest thing! I woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake. Bud was at the bottom of the bed sleeping in his usual spot. I got up and went out to my living room and turned on the television since I couldn't sleep. Within minutes Buddy was awake and up in my chair. He came and licked the inside of my wrist and then laid down on the arm of the chair where he sleeps when I am in that chair.

    It is just a quick lick, like when someone gives you a quick kiss on the cheek. I just love it!

    Does your cat do this?

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    Cat licking

    It could be love/comforting you, or he likes the sweat (salt) on your skin, or mine will even try to lick my wrist if I have perfume on.

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    Not very often. I wish she would do it more!
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    My Eddie, on occasion, wake me up at night with a lick...on my mouth! Good thing I am so crazy about him!

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    Whenever I had cats that did this, I always joked that they were cleaning their food before they ate it!
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    Yes, some of my cats will give me kisses or lick my hand. Pearl will some times give me kisses on my face. Sky likes to lick my hand and then give me love bites. If I wear shoes that show my toes then Colby will start licking my toes.
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