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Thread: My Ming is at the whitecoats, very ill.

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    I'm glad to hear that he's now home and I hope that he'll start feeling better and will soon begin to eat and drink. Some times pain meds make an animal so out of it that they just can't eat or drink. I know all too well just how expensive the surgery is because my RB Storm had it when he was 8 years old. He had to have it done by a board certified surgeon because his was a difficult case since he had the scar tissue problem. If I didn't have any credit cards, I would've never been able to have paid for his surgery and I would've lost him a long time ago. Lots more prayers and positive thoughts are being sent to both you and Ming.
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    Sending lots of positive thoughts for Ming, and for you. I really hope the crystals are completely gone and that he won't block up again. I've been through this with Fister years ago, he kept blocking up about every three months and in the end he had the big operation. There's been no problems since.

    Gentle kisses to Ming and purrs from Fister.

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    I hope Ming starts eating and drinking soon once he feels more like himself.

    If he DOES need the surgery, do CC AND ask here! Just offer to give your PayPal address or whatever to people who PM you.

    PT Prayers for Ming!
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    Prayers for Ming - and for you! It's horrific to be in your situation - short of money but not short of an expensive medical procedure for your beloved furchild. Do apply for CC; you can always start a Chip-In, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katladyd View Post
    I went to imom and they want you to apply for Care Credit. I had CC years ago and even when I made more than I do now they only gave me $300 total. Surgery would be over $1500! Ming is home, resting, but not eating or drinking. He peed a little. I'm giving it until tomorrow night before I start to worry. He is on some strong pain meds now and antibiotics. If he isn't better by Monday the vet said there is nothing more they can do unless I can come up with big bucks for the surgery. Being poor sucks! I don't want to lose Ming because of a money issue, but that surgery is expensive!
    I'm not an IMOM volunteer but I've been a donor for 10 years or so. I know in that time, I have seen pets accepted for fundraising after the owner has been denied by Care Credit. I think it is just one of their requirements, that you try there first so that they don't have to try to raise as much. So, don't let it discourage you. Even if they only give you $50 bucks, that's $50 less that IMOM would have to try to raise for you.

    IMOM is currently fundraising $1423 for a dog with a broken hip socket, $1790 for a dog with a huge tumor, and it recently raised $2982 for a cat with persistent right aortic arch. So, if you apply and are accepted, $1500 is definitely doable. And as much as you love your vet, with their resources, they may have contact with a vet they have previously worked with who may be able to give you a lower estimate.

    Fingers, paws and whiskers crossed that Ming stays unblocked.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    We all could chip in and help

    Give us the word, and I suspect many of us would send you some $$$ to help you with this difficult problem. Sometimes it takes a village.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Meezer boy Ming has been so sick.
    I'm glad that he is back home again and I hope that he feels better soon and starts eating again.
    I hope he doesn't need the surgery but if he does, there are lots of Pet Talkers who would be willing to help pay for it.
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    I'm so sorry that Ming is having all this this trouble. Hopefully he won't end up having to have surgery. Think positive - and that he will go on to a ripe old age as did my RB Meezer Ming (20 years!). I wish I could help out $$-wise, but things are quite tight right now. If prayers help, then please know that he has many headed his way.
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    Well never doubt the power of PT prayers! Ming came out of hiding this morning and PEED! Three times. It wasn't a lot, but it was more than dribbles. Considering he hasn't been drinking anything other than the water we mixed with his food we force fed him, it was a sizable amount! I am waiting to see if he pees more later in the day. I may still want to get him the surgery to prevent any further blockages, but this buys me more time to allow IMOM to process everything.
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