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I rescued Baby Cakes from Millheim PA on Friday July 13. She was seen by a vet on July 16 and had the following done:

Combo test was negative
Dewormer def. had a lot of worms (did not have a fecal to bring)
Flea medicine to put on her in a couple of days

On July 17 I took the vets a fecal sample from Baby Cakes and they said she had coccidia. They treated her with Ponazuril and we gave her the first dose on July 17 and her second dose. At that point we did have her separated from the rest of our crew too because we didn't want them to get coccidia. Once she was feeling better she was able to come out and play and she was just so happy to play with Loki. We ended up putting her in our bathroom for a couple days about a week or so ago because she had a piece of litter stuck to her butt and once we got it off her butt, her butt seemed irritated. Once she seemed to heal up we let her go back out with our young crew. We kept a close eye on her butt to make sure she wasn't getting anymore cat litter stuck to her anus. When we put her back in the bathroom we used yesterday's newspaper so that way nothing would stick to her bum.

Last week we had her fecal tested on August 10 and she was negative for coccidia but has Campylobacter now and is on Zithormax for the next 5 days and then every other day for 5 days.

Last night when I was going to give Baby Cakes her Zithormax I checked her butt again and another scab is on her butt. I had my husband look at it and he said he wondered if it was poop and I said I doubt it because it looked just like another scab.

We put her in our bathroom again so she coudl use Yesterday's Newspaper litter and she isn't very happy about it. During the evening we checked her butt and it seemed like the scab was going to come off and her pink flesh was exposed again. We didn't touch it and by this morning the scab had fallen off and her poor pink butt looked sore again.

My husband told me around 2 p.m. today that there is another scab forming on her butt.

Is there anything we can do to help her?

The one country vet we took her too after we went to the first vet said to put some AD onit. on it and we did that for a couple of days and that seemed to help her but she still continued to have this scab problem.

We are concerned that she may have a very small prolapse or something else. I have posted up a chip in page so I can get her to another vet and see what's going on. If you want further details about why I posted up a chip in page, please message me.