All of us miss Luke. It was less than a week from diagnosis until his death. My mind and heart havent adjusted yet. After having him in the house for 11 years, it takes more than a few days to realize he is not here. I keep going to check the litter box which is no longer in the house... look for him in his favorite places... think about feeding him... nearly call out for him to come eat. I had a good supply of health items for him and PetMeds will take them back and credit my credit card which is good. Never before have I had to return items because a pet died but I was very pleased with their helpful response. I've looked at several of his videos for signs that he was sick and didnt see anything unusual. My big ole boy didnt give up until he just couldnt go any longer. He was such a pretty cat and I know it's going to take awhile before I can talk about him without crying.