I live in CA AND WI and often commute the 2000 miles between the two locations. I have two 10 year old Great Danes that dont move much but are still bulky. I have been renting minivans with stow-n-go and layng a futon matress down for them to ride back-n-forth with. It works very nicely but is VERY expensive.

I am thinking of buying a Fordf150 Crew Cab with a the 5'7" box and buying a Fibrglass topper. I figure I could put a futon matress in the back and it would basically be exactly the same as the minivan. WITHOUT the $5,000 per year rental costs I paid last year!

Anyway, my concern is NOT if I make a suddent stop (the smae exact problem exists in the back of a minivan) but rather temperature. I want to make sure it isnt too COLD in the winter nor too HOT in the summer.

I was told I could buy a donut/gasket to tie the cab to the topper to get some ventilation back there....

MY QUESTION: is there anyone who regularily drives 2000 miles (or a long way) with there pets in the back with a topper?

Thank you for your time,