My cousin's in-law's cat Schuyler went to live with my friend Nancy, when she couldn't be cared for properly any longer. Jack's mother-in-law went into a nursing home. Nancy offered to take her since she didn't get along with other cats (supposedly).

She was adopted out to a family who decided after a year, to return her. She had lost a TON of weight while there. The past 3 years she's been with Nancy and her foster cats. She enjoyed life there after a very rocky start (pooping on her bed, etc.) going out to the enclosure to soak up the rays and fresh air (she was declawed early on in her life).

Schuyler often would stay out in the enclosure overnight. I wasn't crazy about it but who was I to dictate to Nancy, since she adopted her. This morning Nancy was taking a head count and realized that Schuyler was still outside. She went out into the enclosure and found her dead, with her front leg gnawed down to the bone.

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. There is a small "hole" under the fence that Nancy said was only small enough to allow something of chipmunk size to get under. Something MUST have gotten into the enclosure and tried to drag her out by her leg, the same way it came in. A fisher cat??? Other predators????

The only thing I can think of is she died trying to defend herself (without claws). Possibly a heart attack.

RIP sweet girl. I tried to do right by you. I only hope that your death was quick and painless, although I highly doubt it.

Am I angry? You bet. Play hard at the Bridge beautiful baby. I will miss pulling into the driveway and hearing your vocalism and your beautiful, soft black coat.

My heart again is broken.