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Thread: My Luke has FIP & liver failure

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    My Luke has FIP & liver failure

    Fri Aug 10 2012
    Hello Everyone,
    I am sorry to report that my 11 yr old Luke cat has FIP and liver failure and is not eating. (I was shocked when the vet told me) I've been wondering why he looked as if he was gaining weight (bloated) yet he was not eating much at all. I took him to the vet on Wed Aug 8 and he did various tests and xrays and gave me his opinion and some meds. Yes, I trust his diagnosis.

    The bottom line is that my Luke is very sick and has eaten very little for 5 days, is lethargic and sleeps mostly. He looks as if he has swallowed a basketball. I've been giving him med for fluids (and some other meds) but they dont help very much. He has gotten down a tiny amount of chicken broth today. All he does is sleep. I will not put him through a long term of discomfort. I know what needs to be done and I'm working up to it. It's just so hard as many or most of you know. Just wanted you to know.... Kay in NC

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    Oh no Kay - not beautiful Luke. I'm so sorry to hear this. It's like a kick in the gut and having your heart ripped out at the same time, when the news is so sudden and you weren't ever expecting it. My heart goes out to you. Just love him and keep him comfortable for as long as you can. {{{Hugs}}}
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    Oh, no. Not your beautiful Luke. I am praying for a miracle, of course. They say our furbabies let us know when it is time.

    Give Luke some kisses on his forehead for me and some cuddles. I hope he has a bit more comfortable time with you before he has to go.

    I am so sorry, Kay.
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    Oh Kay I am shocked to hear this!!! Poor you, poor Luke!

    Yes, with FIP, you know what you need to do, I am so very sorry, Kay.

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    You and Luke will be in our prayers.
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