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Thread: Trouble house training

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    Trouble house training

    We got our kids a toy poodle and have had it for a few weeks but can't seem to get her house broken or to pee on pads. Any suggetions?

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    What is your current routine? Don't give up, first of all!
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    How old is she? I have bichons, they are known for taking ages to be house trained, usually have to be a year old. They have such busy "TO DO" lists, and potty training doesn't even make the list!

    These small ones have small bladders, and as adults they usually have to pee every 4 hours. The puppies, well! All that puppy energy, bouncing around, playing with toys and family members, who has time to stop and think, "OH! I gotta go!"

    There are at least 2 ways to work on the training. With either one, as Karen said, standard routine is key. You often can work out how long after eating they have to pee. I have 2 who pee right after, and 2 who pee half an hour after. Once you know that, you work to feed at the same time daily and then get baby out in advance of the proper time. From then, you take her out at each hour.

    Sometimes just letting them out isn't enough, and you have to get the leash and take them for a walk to get them to catch on.

    Do you crate? I do not, but some folks work with the crate to help with training. A dog (most of the time) will not go in the area where they sleep, so you feed the dog and then have some crate time till he has to go. When he starts wiggling, right outside!

    The other method is the tether method, the dog is always on leash and tied to you (use a second leash, around your waist). You can read more on that method here:

    Either method, when doggie goes where you want her to do, CELEBRATE! Dance, clap, smile, and offer plenty of treats! If your dog -- and your neighbors -- are looking at you like you are crazy, you are doing it right. Anything less is just not enough! If / when doggie goes in the house, do NOT scold. Just clean it up and move on. You can make sounds of disgust (ICK! YUCKIES!) but do not make eye contact with the dog. You will only create a puppy who is anxious about going, if you scold. Be sure you clean completely and get rid of the smell, as they use that to find their potty place.

    Keep at it, you will get there, with patience and practice.

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    She is 13 weeks old she is so active she just wants to eat a little at a time unless we hand feed her.

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    She is VERY young, I would not expect her to be house trained before 5 months and not 'reliable' until at least 6 months.

    And eating, oh yes, poodles eat very little, but often! Don't start hand feeding her or you will make it her habit and you will be stuck with it. Just feed her 3 times per day at this age. Put the bowl down, leave it for 10 minutes, then pick up until next meal time.

    Remember: if you do something once, and they like it: IT IS A RULE!

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    Thanks for the help she done good yesterday only peed twice on the floor my fault was busy remodeling the bathroom forgot to take her out.


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