I just rescued a tiny 3 yr old unspayed Tortie from a derelict owner and decrepit, filthy house. I took her immediately to the vet for shots, and will have her spayed in two weeks. At the moment she is separated in another part of my house from my 17 yr old, blind Siamese male. What are the realistic chances for the two of them to end up being able to get along with each other? My Siamese has NEVER had contact with other animals, but the Tortie girl lived with both cats and dogs. I have been gathering information about how to do this, but wanted to ask you practical questions on how you were able to integrate cats in this type of situation. If they have to stay separated forever, I can do that, but I hate splitting my time between the two, since both need more of my attention than either one is getting now. I definitely won't even start to introduce until she is spayed and healed.