Good morning Mamrot! Happy Pet of the Day to you!

What a wonderful way to start my day, seeing your precious little self up on my screen! You are one adorable, personality packed little Chin, and so very deserving of your "top pet" honors! I laughed out loud at your ability to stare down, scare off those kitties, and your utter fearlessness of dogs! As your human says, you truly are one most discerning Chin...

"...every change and every guest must by checked and approved."

But please, Mamrot, no more chewing on those nasty wires!!! No fun for your human, and potentially dangerous for you! As your person says, she/he wants you around for a long, long time to come, so "play it safe!"

Thanks to your person for sharing your heart warming story, your heart melting photo spread with us all! She/he is so very blessed to have a furkid as special as you in her/his life! Enjoy a very happy day of celebration, sweetheart, being loved and pampered to pieces by your devoted human, with wishes for many, MANY for happy days together!
Cuddles and little kisses to you, precious Marmot! (Please have your human give you a few extra almonds, for me!)