Congratulations and a very happy Pet of the Day to you, MISTER Queen! OK, after reading your bio. I know how that little contradiction came about! What an incredibly handsome, most regal bunny you are, Mr. Queen! Your velvety, snow white coat is simply gorgeous, and those incredibly tall, straight ears, stunning! And talk about super-sized! You truly are a big, white, velvety Teddy Bear! You certainly didn't come "as advertised," but in the end your family couldn't have hoped for a more perfect fit for their family...a more perfect match for your chessboard "Mrs." and all of your fellow bunny buds, too!
We give great thanks to your family for rescuing you, and so many other deserving bunnies, providing them with the happiest of forever homes! It's rescue stories such as yours that make up the best of Pet of the Day!
Enjoy your well earned day of celebrity, beautiful boy! Hope you and your Mrs., and all of your bunny pals, are treated to an extra special day of pampering!
Love and cuddles and little kisses to you, beautiful Mr. Queen, and to the Mrs. and your furry friends, too!