I am sitting here in the middle of a huge storm, in good ol' New Jersey, and of course my puggle is going absolutely insane. When we got Mikey almost 3 years ago, his owner never told us about this. He is HORRIBLE with fireworks. I don't even know how to go about how bad he is. Thunderstorm scare him, but he is sometimes able to calm down and eventually goes to sleep. He is a total nut though, barking like crazy non-stop, running around, panting, and generally just acting crazy. If I put him in his crate, he starts digging and going crazy in there. I don't know what to do We've tried the thundershirt, prescribed Xanax (changed doses a few time with permission from the vet of course), calming powders in food, and sedatives. I guess all I am asking for is a miracle. If Xanax didn't work, nothing will But I'm asking anyway, have you guys tried anything that magically worked?