Shame, shame, shame for ever even allowing the thought of loathing this precious little guy to enter your mind! I'm delighted that you and your Mum have come to love him because you will never have a better friend than Max. If I had had first chance at him, he would have been mine but I'm glad that he has a loving home and family. Please remember that Maximus is a ball of energy and that energy must have an outlet in the form of plenty of physical exercise, especially as he grows. Oh yes, he will be a "handful" at times but I assure you that he is well worth all the effort that you will put into him. I have a pup of the bulldog family that has just turned one year old, so I know of what I speak. And he will be keeping me on my toes for quite a while yet but I wouldn't miss the experience for anything. If you give Maximus what he needs and I'm sure you will, he will be one of great loves of your life. Best wishes for many happy years for you, your Mum and Max. Congratulations Max on being our DOTD.