I know that many cats in shelters in the state of Washington (where I live), especially east of the Cascades, are euthanized every day for all the usual reasons, but I also know that lots shelters on the west side of the state are close to no-kill - and I don't mean they pass on the un-adopted cats to a kill shelter.

The number of cats looking for homes in this area is heartwrenching but not as gut-wrenching as what I just looked through on a facebook page for Death Row Cats in NYC. I was looking for death row cats in my state but couldn't find a hit. At the Manhattan shelter, they are euthanizing 50 cats per day at present. Not sick cats, not old cats or unfriendly cats but handsome/beautiful and friendly young cats, even kittens, even orange coat and white coat kittens, who are usually first to be snapped up.

Are there fewer sanctuaries and rescues in the NY area? I know a number of old-time Pet Talkers live in or near this area so thought you might know. I am haunted by the photos I just saw and know if they were being shown in the Seattle area, I'd be working with a rescue to scoop up at least a few.