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Thread: How to move on to another job?

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    How to move on to another job?

    I feel it is time for me to explore other job options in my area. I am currently working at a clinic 25 miles away (~30 minute commute one-way) for the past ~2 1/2 years with a doctor that doesn't fully utilize her technicians. I am one of two RVTs at my clinic, along with 6 other techs (2 are finishing with school) and the unregistered techs are given the same responsibilities as the RVTs are. I recently became state licensed and with it received a very menial raise (granted, a raise, but I was expecting a larger one given my accomplishment and what I know I can bring to the clinic), a raise that was combined with my yearly raise. I just feel like there is no room for me to grow here and I don't feel I am as respected as I should be. She keeps telling me how much I have improved over the past months/years, but won't allow me to perform simple tasks such as obtaining an ear cytology.

    I do not want to leave on bad terms, but I am almost afraid to leave this clinic because I know she will make me feel bad or give me a guilt trip about it (as she has done to techs who have left in the past). But I am spending so much money on gas for a paycheck that barely even pays the bills and cover student loans, I don't get sick days, no benefits, and heaven forbid I attempt to call in sick. And I have brought up some of these issues with her before.

    My question is - should I submit my resume to other clinics that I know are hiring? Will the potential future employer contact my current employer if I don't list them as a reference? I don't want to go behind her back, but I am afraid if I mention that I am seeking employment elsewhere, she will give me a guilt trip, not give me a good reference (because she wants to keep me), or worst-case, let me go. Just in general, how should I go about doing this? I know there are clinics hiring in my area that are MUCH closer to me but I am afraid to drop off a resume for fear they will call my current boss.


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    wow, your bos sounds like Kevin Spacey's character in Horrible bosses movie. I say you talk to your boss about the gas, etc, ask for a raise to cover the expenses, if she doesn't care, quit the job, she/he doesn't own you. If you apply at one place and you get rejected becoz of your old boss said then apply on another place without reference! You might start with the same or a bit low salary, but if it's near where u live + better boss + better carrier prospect, it's worth the sacrifice!

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    You can submit your resume to other places, and just tell them that your current boss is not aware you are looking. Do not mention any "issues" with her, just explain that the commute is too expensive, and you are looking for something closer to home with more opportunities for growth. Most future employers will understand, and be discreet if they call her at all.
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    Absolutely - what Karen said. And don't worry - most perspective employers won't call for a reference if you ask them not to, since they know it could jeopardize your current job. You shouldn't feel that you are going behind your present employer's back, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do!. If this present vet doesn't see you as any more accomplished than an unregistered tech, then obviously you are in a position that is going nowhere.

    Go for it - and good luck!
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    What Karen said!!!

    Get your resume out there. You learn SO much just from interviews. Don't feel you HAVE to take the first job offer that comes your way. Explore what is out there!

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    Most employers ask if they can contact your current employer.
    I have a longer commute than you do, plus traffic, and I've been here almost 9 years!! I always day dream about getting another job. But I am afraid to leave here then not like the other job. I don't love my job (anymore) but I don't hate it either. If I were to leave they would have to replace me immediately so I wouldn't be able to come back if I didn't like the new job.
    I think my company is going down the drain slowly anyway, so I'll just tough it out until they either let me go or the company folds.

    But I definitely think you should look for a job closer to home. One that will appreciate your education and experience. One that has benefits and sick days. I know it is scary............but you can do it!! I hate change myself, but sometimes you have to just deal with it.

    Good Luck!!
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