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Thread: Cats and Moths

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    Cats and Moths

    I am sure we have discussed this before. My cats love moths!

    Last evening Mama had a moth. Tink is usually the one that catches them. Well, Mama kept her paw on it for awhile and then she would put it in her mouth and spit it out. The whole time Tink was about 2 feet away watching. I know she wanted to steal it but she was a good girl and didn't take it.

    Finally, Mama ate it. When she walked away Tink went over and sniffed and pawed at the spot on the carpet where the moth was.

    I saw on another forum where a cat owner actually went to the pet store and purchased crickets for her cats to play with and eat.

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    I've never seen my son's cats eat moths, but then I can't say I've ever seen any in the house either. However, they have developed a taste for crickets, so they'll be happy soon when the crickets start showing up. They don't eat the legs tho, and I find those on the kitchen floor. I can't imagine buying crickets for them tho....

    Sparky will eat a fly when he can catch one. Myndi's afraid of them - or else it's that she finds them terribly annoying and tries to hide from them.
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