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Thread: newly adopted cat

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    newly adopted cat

    I have adopted a new cat and she is the cuddliest kitty I have ever experienced
    she is one year old short haired all black cat
    she seems to love to sleep alot and as soon as I pick her up she almost goes to sleep
    is this normal?
    she is very quiet and timid
    and seems so happy to be adopted
    she was adopted before but returned the person said they had allergies
    I am so happy to have found such a lovable kitty
    she is very camera shy too
    I don't think I have ever had a cat that liked to be held as much as she does and I love it

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    Congratulations, what is her name? She may become more energetic as she realizes this is her forever home, but it's great she is such a snuggled! Congratulations again!
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    you are right!

    she is much more energetic this morning and is exploring more

    I think on Sunday she was recovering from the trauma of being moved into a new home and maybe got extra tired over the ordeal
    yesterday too she likely slept all day because I was at work
    early this morning for whatever reason I woke up and she was really energetic
    she is so happy to have a new home and I hope she realizes this is it her forever home
    her name is Nila and that is the name the animal shelter gave her and it really suits her
    I am trying to figure out what kind of food to give her because she was fed the cheapest bad food and she loves milk and I know milk is not good for cats and I have lactose free milk and wonder if that is ok for cats
    when my alarm goes off in the morning I have to hold her tight because I have a coffee maker that grinds the coffee and it is really loud and scares the heck out of her
    she is such a timid little kitty

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