Last month I posted here ( about my cat Sydney having blood in his eye and we went to see a veterinary ophthalmologist 60 miles away. Since then I've been giving Sydney the prescribed medications.

Today we went back for a follow-up checkup.. and guess what, Sydney's eyes are MUCH BETTER now than they were!!!!! --

Both retinas have re-attached, and the blood in the left eye has turned into a clot, which the doctor said should just dissolve or disintegrate away soon!!!!!

I'm to keep giving him the Prednisilone (for inflammation) in that eye, twice a day now instead of four times, until the clot breaks up, and then we can stop that.

And he will be taking the Amlodipine for the rest of his life, to keep his blood pressure under better control.

As long as there are no changes in vision, the appearance of the eyes, or the level of comfort, he doesn't need to come back again for another year.

I'm SO GLAD this has turned out so well!