Hi felow kitties, I need your help. Something is going on here. Soncat went away last week and I miss him sooo much. I'm staying in his room almost all the time now. Not only that, there are guys I don't know in and out all day long. Meowmie hasn't gone to work either! Well, there's a lot of noise when the men are here and I don't really like that because sometimes it's loud and I don't recognize the sounds. Once in awhile I'll come out and one of the men always talks to me and pets me. After they leave, I come out - my house doesn't look like it's supposed to! Everything is where it isn't supposed to be and I heard Meowmie tell her friend Val that she doesn't know where anything is. That's funny because at night she starts moving things from one place to another. When the men are gone, Meowmie gives me lots of lovies and tells me everything is going to be fine. All she says is that I'm going to like our place when the men are all finished. Then she gives me lots of lovies, smoochies, and attention. The men were here this morning and I hid in the bathroom behind the big white water fountain. Meowmie came in a lot to pet me and tell me she loves me a lot of times.

I'm so confused and scared right now. I don't understand any of what's going on! I do feel better with Meowmie here but she has to go back to work in another few days. She keeps telling me I don't have to be scared and she'll protect me, but I am.

Has anything like this ever happened at your house? What did you do about it? Were you scared too? I just don't know what to do.

Your friend,