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Thread: Fellow Kitties: HELP!

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    Fellow Kitties: HELP!

    Hi felow kitties, I need your help. Something is going on here. Soncat went away last week and I miss him sooo much. I'm staying in his room almost all the time now. Not only that, there are guys I don't know in and out all day long. Meowmie hasn't gone to work either! Well, there's a lot of noise when the men are here and I don't really like that because sometimes it's loud and I don't recognize the sounds. Once in awhile I'll come out and one of the men always talks to me and pets me. After they leave, I come out - my house doesn't look like it's supposed to! Everything is where it isn't supposed to be and I heard Meowmie tell her friend Val that she doesn't know where anything is. That's funny because at night she starts moving things from one place to another. When the men are gone, Meowmie gives me lots of lovies and tells me everything is going to be fine. All she says is that I'm going to like our place when the men are all finished. Then she gives me lots of lovies, smoochies, and attention. The men were here this morning and I hid in the bathroom behind the big white water fountain. Meowmie came in a lot to pet me and tell me she loves me a lot of times.

    I'm so confused and scared right now. I don't understand any of what's going on! I do feel better with Meowmie here but she has to go back to work in another few days. She keeps telling me I don't have to be scared and she'll protect me, but I am.

    Has anything like this ever happened at your house? What did you do about it? Were you scared too? I just don't know what to do.

    Your friend,

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    Hang in there, Groucho. There were men working in my kitchen too. They put in a sink and countertop and everything was a big mess. I hid in my closet hidey-spot while they were here. Then one day I heard water running in the kitchen, then the noise stopped and the men packed up their tools and left. It will be over soon. It is noisy and might smell unfamiliar for awhile. Please snuggle with your meowmie and have her give you tons of extra lovies and snuggles from my meowmie and me.

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    Oh, poor Groucho! So many big changes going on in your household. We know that your Meowmie loves you dearly and is not going to leave you.. and that Soncat loves you dearly too and has you deep in his mind and his heart even if he's not right there with you now. And don't worry about the strange men, they will be gone before too much longer and you and Meowmie will make the new surroundings all homey again. And isn't that nice that one of the men likes you and talks to you and pets you!

    We are all sending our love to you and lots of skritchies and lovies which we are sure your Meowmie will deliver to you.

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    Oh sweet Groucho...don't worry. The changes that are going on will be good and your meowmie will be happy when they are done. I know we don't like change but sometimes it is for the best.

    At this point I would work on getting all of the extra love and attention you can get from meowmie.
    If the work men are nice and want to pet you, it should be okay. They must be kitty lovers like we are.

    Hope things calm down soon and you can regain the trust in your environment. Love to you!

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    I've been there dear Groucho, it was so scary! Some men came once and took away the windows and then put other windows, the noise was terrible!!! I hid on my special closet.
    Another time my mom and other people moved everything from one place to another, everything was a big mess and then put colors on the walls with a giant brush; that time I had to supervise the whole thing because, let's be honest, what can they do without my opinion?

    Anyway, if your mom says everything will be fine, then it'll be fine, my guess is that she's building a better office or a bigger room for you...

    If you get scared when the guys are working there, you can call or text me, ok?

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    Aww, Groucho, I'm so sorry your world is turned upside down! Workers do make so much noise, and I know you miss Soncat, but you have to be strong. Remember all this is happening to your Meowm too, and she needs your help. That's our job. So, you go take care of your Mom and things will work out. Call if you need me.

    Love & purrs, Pinot

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