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Thread: The cost of a dental cleaning for cats!

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    The cost of a dental cleaning for cats!

    Last week I was on the talk show that Karen mentions quite often. I called in and asked about my two Abyssinian cats and their new problem with fighting with each other. I was told that Juni thinks Chloe stinks from something. Juni can't stand her odor. Well, it just so happened that when I had them both to the vet about a month ago, the Vet thought Chloe should have a dental cleaning. She is scheduled for Aug. 24th.

    The cost of the cleaning (not including any extractions) will be $245.00. I was shocked. It has been about 10 years since any of my cats had a cleaning done. Anyway, I said thank you but that is too much and called around to other Vets. Well, two other Vet's quoted me at $480 and $590. Oh my gosh. I quickly called my Vet and scheduled Chloe for the "cheap visit" of $245. Their comment was that they must knock out the cat. Well, I'm sorry, I think it was WAY to much and many people cannot afford prices like this. I can afford it, but gee, if all three needed their teeth cleaned, regularly, I'd have to file for bankruptcy soon! Yikes.

    I love my Vet and her staff, but I think the business of Vets is getting a bit out of hand. Even the cost of an office visit has sky rocketed.

    I was shocked when the call in person said that about Chloe having a bad odor about her. I cannot smell anything and of course, I cannot get her mouth open to look at her teeth. The vet can, but the Vet has an assistant to hold the squirmy little devil.

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    Wow, I wonder how much of it is for what - thank goodness you called around!
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    That is about what is it around here as well - $250 for a cat dental, $350 for a dog dental. Extractions are extra.

    Will be interesting to hear what the vet sees in her mouth (plaque, tartar, gingivitis, infection?) and if the 2 stop fighting once Chloe heals afterwards.

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    Well I think that you're getting a great deal. Actually all of the prices you quoted are much less than what I've had to pay for cleanings. In CA. it's so expensive for anything. I had Storm's teeth cleaned again in April and it was well over $1000. This also included extractions, meds. and several other things but I sure would be thrilled to only have to pay $245.

    At my vets they rate the severity of the dental. Stage 1 Periodontal Disease: Characterized by mild dental tartar & gingivitis is between $575-675 for both cats & dogs. Stage 2 Periodontal Disease: Characterized by moderate to severe dental tartar& gingivitis, early bone/tooth decay with pocket formation,bad breath,painful mouth, and occasional tooth mobility is $600-850 for cats and $750-975 for dogs. Stage 3 Periodontal Disease: Characterized by severe dental tartar & gingivitis, advanced bone & tooth decay with deeper periodontal pockets, chronic bacterial infection, bad breath, painful mouth, and compromised, mobile teeth is $800-1,050 for cats and $850-1,150 for dogs.

    Storm has always been a stage 3 both times that I had his teeth cleaned at this veterinary hospital. My vet also tends to like to wait until an animal really needs to have a dental done.
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    It#s US prices- they are high whether it is humans or cats. Filou's dental (including knocking him out) was never more than 100 €.
    But- all the best for Chloe. I am sure that dental thing is an Aby thing. And Filou smelled more fishy from his little mouth.

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    Missy had a dental with two root extractions( the teeth had broken off) back in April. The cost was $116.93. The first visit about her teeth(I noticed she was having trouble eating) was $150.19. That was for the exam, CBC, and an injection of antibiotics. So total was $267.12.
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    I had a look at the bill from last Fister had his teeth cleaned. It was $246 for the anesthesia, cleaning and two extractions. Then I payed extra for bloodwork, vaccination and some painkiller (Metacam). I got 10% off the bill as usual. I'm so happy that Fister's teeth are clean and none have to come out now. I even bought children toothbrushes to clean his teeth, so hopefully that will prevent any further dentalwork.

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    We recently had two in for teeth cleaning - not at the same time, though. Price was around $150 each. That included pre-op labs, anesthesia and cleaning. Fortunately neither of them needed extractions or post-op meds. We left our previous Vet a few years back because of the rapid increase in rates for different things.


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