Last week I was on the talk show that Karen mentions quite often. I called in and asked about my two Abyssinian cats and their new problem with fighting with each other. I was told that Juni thinks Chloe stinks from something. Juni can't stand her odor. Well, it just so happened that when I had them both to the vet about a month ago, the Vet thought Chloe should have a dental cleaning. She is scheduled for Aug. 24th.

The cost of the cleaning (not including any extractions) will be $245.00. I was shocked. It has been about 10 years since any of my cats had a cleaning done. Anyway, I said thank you but that is too much and called around to other Vets. Well, two other Vet's quoted me at $480 and $590. Oh my gosh. I quickly called my Vet and scheduled Chloe for the "cheap visit" of $245. Their comment was that they must knock out the cat. Well, I'm sorry, I think it was WAY to much and many people cannot afford prices like this. I can afford it, but gee, if all three needed their teeth cleaned, regularly, I'd have to file for bankruptcy soon! Yikes.

I love my Vet and her staff, but I think the business of Vets is getting a bit out of hand. Even the cost of an office visit has sky rocketed.

I was shocked when the call in person said that about Chloe having a bad odor about her. I cannot smell anything and of course, I cannot get her mouth open to look at her teeth. The vet can, but the Vet has an assistant to hold the squirmy little devil.