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    Nelson is gone

    Nelson, the beloved cat of my sister Mary Kay and her partner Helen, made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge today. He had cancer that he'd fought valiantly for months but today made it difficult and painful for him to breathe. This afternoon Mary Kay and Helen took him to the emergency vet to ease his suffering.

    More than 16 years ago a tiny kitten, covered with maggots and injured by a paving stone he'd been found under, was brought to a vet to be put down. The vet thought she could save him. After he got better he went home with Mary Kay and Helen, where he has lived a most wonderful cat-life full of love and fun and good food, right up through today.

    The Catmobile kitties will remember Nelson for his fine Sean Nos singing and square-dance calling on Catmobile trips. Today Nelson told me he wanted to thank all the Catmobilers and all the Pet Talkers for making him so welcome and sharing such wonderful times with him.

    Rest in peace, dearest beloved Nelson. We love you so much, and we will join you, over the Bridge at the Summerland, Land of Hearts' Desire... One Fine Day. Never to be parted again. God bless, and love.

    (I have a couple of pictures of Nelson in my PT Album, but I don't know how to put them here in this message.)
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