Hi everyone. I thought I'd give you an update on all of my furkids. Most of you know that Radar was very sick. He's finally finished his medicine but towards the end of it, he began having liquid diarrhea. I stopped giving him canned food and as of today I think he's finally getting back to normal in that area. When I cleaned out the litter boxes tonight, there weren't any poo pancakes at all. He's not out of the woods just yet though because he now has another eye infection.

Rory's & Reece's eyes are also still bad. They were both seen by my vet last Sunday with mild eye infections and slight sneezing. Their temps were normal and they were still eating, drinking, & playing. Since two different eye drops only seemed to make Rory's eyes more irritated, my vet said to just use some refresh lubricating eye drops and to let this run it's course. Now both of Rory's eyes are much worse and Reece's eyes haven't improved at all. Both of them are sneezing more often and Reece's nose is also runny. I e-mailed my vet on Fri. morning to let her know what's going on and she said that since they're both acting normal to just wait it out.

Today I took two pictures of Rory to show my vet just how bad his eyes look. They look even worse in person. Also one of Sky's eyes has been runny and just this morning I noticed that Colby's eyes are also runny. My vet finally told me to give all of my cats 250mg of Lysine 2 times a day for 14 days and to start giving all of the cats with eye problems more eye drops. She thinks that they have the feline herpes virus. I think that most of this could've been prevented if Rory & Reece had been given something when I took them to the vet last Sunday. I only have one refill left for the eye drops so I told the pharmacy to get a hold of my vet so that she can give me more refills. I also e-mailed her again but I haven't heard anything yet. She does work tomorrow so I hope to be able to go and pick up several bottles of eye drops. Please send some prayers and positive thoughts to all of my cats so that they can get through this and get healthy again. I also hope that everyone will cooperate with me and take their eye drops & Lysine too. Thanks in advance.

Here's two pictures of Rory with his bad eyes.