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Thread: Crying out loudly before throwing up

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    Crying out loudly before throwing up

    Usually my Lily isn't a puker, but now it happened twice that she threw up her breakfast. And every time, I knew it was going to happen because she announced it by crying really loud and painfully, as if she was suffering horribly. Wonder why she does that, maybe because the nausea is causing her so much discomfort. She seems to hate it so very much!

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    I once had a cat that did the same thing. The first few times it happened, it scared the daylights out of me. After that I looked upon it as a blessing - a warning that I knew what was coming, and I had a chance to scoop kitty up and get him on to a tiled floor. That was so much easier to clean up there, rather than on the furniture or carpet! Never did know why he gave that kind of warning tho, and it didn't seem to cause him any ill effects.
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    Sparkle does this, if she is over hungry and hence ate too fast. Soon after throwing up, she has to go eat again.

    So, Lily is getting over hungry between feedings, and ends up eating her breakfast really quickly, probably hardly stopping to chew it. She may also be eating too much as she is so hungry.

    The only way I could address this with Sparkle is, she now sleeps overnight in the bedroom with the door closed, and a full bowl of food. So she has food and can eat when she wants all night long. She doesn't like this solution, as Sparkle prefers to sleep on my bed snuggled up with me all night. But any time we try this, she ends up waking me up to feed her, eating too much too fast, and throwing it up.

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    I think that Storm is the my only cat who has ever made the crying in pain noise before he threw up. I try to keep my cats on a set feeding schedule or else Sky & Ziggy tend to scarf & barf. I can't free feed so I just feed 2 small feedings in the morning and then 2 more at night. If you spread out her dry food this will also help for her to eat slower. Some people have even put something like a rock or some other type of paper weight down on a mat and then put the cats food around it so they have to eat around it and will eat slower. I used to put my small weights on mats so that Alani & Blaze would eat around them because they would some times eat too fast too. Mixing canned & dry food together can also help. Good luck.
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    Well, yes, I agree, it's good as a warning to get her onto the laminate right on time from where it's easier to clean...

    But I don't think she's too greedy with her breakfast. She's only getting small portions, so she cannot eat too much at once. I think it happens when she eats bugs (the other day, I saw her eating a hoverfly before breakfast, and then she threw up); I always had the impression that bugs are making her sick.

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    Several of my cats howl before they are going to throw up; this gives me a chance to get paper towels and cleaner for the poor kids.
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