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  • Yes, whenever it's convenient

    10 24.39%
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies mostly

    7 17.07%
  • Specific events only

    10 24.39%
  • Maybe, not sure

    5 12.20%
  • Nah, why bother

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Thread: Olympics Poll

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    Olympics Poll

    Are you planning on watching any of the Olympics coverage? What events are you most looking forward to? Will you want the Opening Ceremony? What are you favorite events, and which ones will you likely skip?

    Too complex for an actual poll, so just go ahead and post the answers to all that, but I'll make a poll for the "gonna watch" part!

    I love the gymnastics most of all, wouldn't miss that, and will watch some of the swimming and track and field. You?
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    Since most of my regular shows will not be airing during the Olympics......then I might as well watch!
    No, I plan on watching the gymnastics and maybe some swimming and diving. And if there is nothing else on other channels to watch, then I'll probably watch what ever is on at the time.
    But my all time favorite is gymnastics. I've loved watching it since I was a little girl. I still love Mary Lou Retton! That smile lights up the room!
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    Track cycling, rowing, canoeing, soccer, shooting, archery, team handball, volleyball, wrassling, fencing.


    Baseball/softball was tossed out from the games.

    Why is jumping on a trampoline and BMX bike riding in the mix?
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    Soccer/Football games have already started but that/s not my favorite sport. Don't know if anything will be shown live but I'll watch as much as I can. Especially Artistic Gymnastics, Track & Field, Equestrian and Fencing. A Portland Fencer Mariel Zagunis will be carrying the flag at the Opening Ceremonies.
    Last Sunday Oprah had a terrific show with previous American Olympic winners.

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    Track & Field, Gymnastics, Basketball, Sailing, Diving - love the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Remember the Marathon in Rome, 1960 - Abebe Bikila running barefoot?

    Winter Olympics are really my favorites - fewer events, but love all the skiing and hockey. Lillehammer in 1994 was the very best of all the ones I've seen - and my first was 1956 in Melbourne, Australia

    Does anyone else remember Franz Klammer, Innsbruck 1976 - or Lake Placid 1980, Miracle on Ice?

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    I'm hoping to catch some events via the Internet that aren't usually on TV like the canoeing or sailing. I would love to see the Olympic tennis being played at Wimbledon. I'm rooting for Andy Murray since he didn't win a few weeks ago, and I'm also rooting for the Bryan brothers in doubles. If I c ould go to any one event it would be tennis.

    Grace, I was in the 9th grade in 1980 and I remember that game very well! I was also thinking about the Canadian skier who won the first gold medal for Canada at the Vancouver Olympics. And the US-Canada hockey game that was like an NHL All-Star game- watching it with a bunch of friends and yelling for the Hawks players who were playing for Canada- oops! They were wearing red and white, which are also the Hawks colors. We ended up cheering for everything because it was so much fun to watch.
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    Probably watch it when it's convienent. I don't even turn on my TV much as it is. I am more of a winter sports person anyhow

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    We will watch as much as possible
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    I'm more of a winter Olympics fan too, but will probably watch the opening and closing event, and some of the swimming, diving and gymnastics if the time is convenient.
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    My favorites are the horses dressage, cross country, & then the stadium jumping & the girls gymnastics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grace View Post
    Does anyone else remember Franz Klammer, Innsbruck 1976 ...
    An all time classic! They still show that run from time to time.

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    Definitely will be watching.

    We love the swimming, gymnastics, track and field, diving. probably a bunch of others

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    Wanted to watch the opening ceremony tonight but now I probably won't because I heard they've got farm animals involved which may be slaughtered after the ceremony. Signed a petition against it earlier today.
    But I will probably watch some of the sport events, not sure which ones.

    BTW, does anyone still remember our Kitty Olympics thread from 2004? Lily and Luna teamed up with Barbara's Tigris and Filou. We had so much fun those days!

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    I probably won't be watching much of it, I'll be cat-sitting. I'm not that much into sport anyway.

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    I'm very much looking forward to equestrian show jumping and dressage. Soncat has 40+ ribbons in jumping and I was learning dressage - my absolute favorite is the kur (dressage to music). Also love gymnastics, swimming, and track & field.

    Even though I'm a gazillion percent behind Team USA, I wish good luck to all of the athletes in their competitions.


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