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Thread: Dog pees on floor

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    Dog pees on floor

    My dog is a year and a half and very intelligent but has her moments. She is crate trained and is good about going outside to do her thing as soon as she is let out. The problem is later when either my room mate or I walk in the door when one of us is already home. She pees on the floor and slinks around like a snake. doesn't matter which one of us let's her out initially and who comes home later it is just an issue when the second person comes home. We both discipline and praise equally. She will do commands regardless of who says them. We've tried ignoring her letting her come to the person who just came home but she will still pee upon coming over. We've tried being excited when we come home but the same result occurs. Help please, this has to stop.

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    You need to do the opposite. Ignore her when you come home, if this is just "peeing with excitement" pee. Come in, put your keys down, don't greet her or make a fuss. She should learn that your coming home is not a big event that she needs to lose control over. Then, after you have let her out to do her business, and that's accomplished, you can have play time and excitement - after her bladder is emptied! Does she do it every time you come in, or just when you've been gone all day? It all sounds, with the "slinking around" like it's a submission thing, so work on socializing her and giving her "jobs" to do to help her be more confident! Has she done any training classes?
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    I was also going to say this is a submission issue.

    What do you mean by "discipline," when you say both of you do discipline equally?

    When this happens, is the door you enter the same one she can go out of to do her business? Why not open the door and call her out to you, so she can pee? Have a treat with you (even if it means you took a treat to work with you in a baggie in your pocket, lol), so you can greet her with a treat.

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    She's too happy to see you, that's why she pees. Your dog might have been lonely at home. Is she alone for quite a long time every day?

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    If you ignore her and then pet her when she approaches, that just defeats the purpose. You need to give it around 10-15 minutes to get the dog used to you being in the house and forget that you just got home.


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