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Thread: Close call with Braggo

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    Close call with Braggo

    Hello everyone I took Braggo to the store last night and it is next to a little bar well I went in and left Braggo in the car with all the windows down was parked 8 feet from the door and when I came out the lady at the counter said something to me so I turned around to talk to her and at the same time my old boss came out of the bar and came up behind me. He was just saying hello but I didnt see him so he smacks me on the back and say's hey Tim about the time he hit my back Braggo went insane and came out the window looking like Cujo and went after Stan I yelled Braggo no bite but he was in mid leap at the time so he slams into him but my yelling stoped him from biteing him. Once Braggo saw that I knew this person he was all like oh no so so sorry and turned into a giant puppy again but man that really scared the crap out of me. Shelter said he had never showed any sign's of aggression towards people or other animals. Wife asked me if I got onto him but to tell you the truth kinda made me proud and safe I do think Braggo would have my back if it was real and I was in danger.
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