Ban jeeps. I want everyone to be safe, they have an inordinately high accident rate due to high center of gravity and poor handling characteristics.

Ban minivans. They have a high passenger capacity, and an inordinately high number of people are killed in each minivan accident as compared to an average sedan. More people inside, more possibility of death.

Ban 5 gallon buckets. Kids drown in them, and more true children (not 21 year old gangbangers, sorry, CDC, those aren't "kids) are killed by drowning in buckets than are killed by firearms.

Ban 15 passenger vans. Combine the comments about jeeps and minivans and you've got a rolling nightmare on the highway.

Limit horsepower and torque specs for motor vehicles. People are killed constantly by excessive speed, no need for anyone to be able to exceed the speed limit.

Hell, let's just wrap everyone in bubblewrap, feed 'em a nutritionally correct IV solution and keep them nice and safe inside from cradle to grave. Make everyone a shellperson, life's just too damned hazardous.