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Keep on paddling. At least you may convince yourself!
He is correct. The original specs for the GP, the first Jeep, was for a weapons platform. The Hummer, or originally the HMMWV, was designed as a weapons platform.

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But insulting my father? Really, really low. He knew more about machines than you could ever, ever know. I guess his 32 patents don't compare to your exalted knowledge. Really, really low. A pity your father didn't tell you about decency at the kitchen table. Mine did.
The only one violating civility, and decency here is you. There was no insult to you or your father by LH, you are trying to be a victim with that.

Here is an observation, your father was probably a humble man who did not brag about his patents, and did not brag about his knowledge of machinery to others. He also probably would have gotten along with LH.

If I am wrong however, he would probably be as indecent as you are on the internet, if not more so.

I only say that because my own father has been a thin skinned a$$ on the web far far longer then I have. Only difference is I have a far thicker skin then him, or you.