The thread is like watching John McEnroe and Andre Agassi play tennis.

Agassi hits one over the net, McEnroe missed the ball and starts screaming like a little biatch.


There's discourse and intercourse.

Intercourse is fun, discourse is a little more distant.


The problem is that 'people' are way too quick to label someone as a 'gun nut' because they want to possess or shoot any firearms.

I probably am nuts, but I have a hearty eff u to the people who are far crazier that I am - that believe just because I like guns I am a 'nut' incapable of owning one RESPONSIBLY.

I don't know about anyone's mental status and personally don't care.

That is your problem.


I am not particularly fond of reptiles, snakes to be truthful, but I am not going to start picking fights with people on the reptiles threads.

Posting a story where some idiot lets his child get squashed by a boa that he let roam the house is just asking for trouble.

There are tons of people who are responsible reptile/snake/lizard owners out there and posting my fear of them - and telling people that they are 'nuts', 'stupid', 'morons' is kinda rude, stupid and disrespectful.

The same can be said about pit bull owners? Car owners who drag race on city streets? People who smoke in bed and light the bed on fire?


One thing?

I do laugh at people who shoot their nutz off with a gun, I pity the people who accidentally kill a loved one with a gun and I hate the morons who think that a gun is the best way to solve a problem in their lives.


One other thing?

When you come to a discussion, make sure you have enough ammo to keep in the fight, I get it that you don't like guns - you have stated that opinion ad naseum - when you run out of bullets, yelling at the other person is pretty futile.

Now, I'll get slammed for making that comparison - bullets/arguements - and people will look at it like I advocate 'gun stupidity,' but I don't care.


Rudeness is rudeness and if you go back and reread parts of the thread and don't see it?