Intelligent, effective and sensitble gun control is possible. Just ask the Australians!

Australian Gun Control in Response to a Mass Shooting

How very, very odd that advocating for sensible gun control is politizing while hysterically advocating against sensible gun control is not?

And no Miss Z - it is not about Republicans and Democrats. There are Dems who oppose gun control and Reps who do not. The accusation of "political agenda" is just a red herring that people throw in to try and put off the discussion of sensible gun control until the lastest tragedy is forgotten.

And mental health is only a piece of the equation. The man who shot a car full of teenagers because they were playing music in their car too loud for him would probably not count as mentally ill.

It is complicated and will not be solved until people can rationally discuss why as a nation we have such an outrageous number of deaths by gun.