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This is just someone who really really loves his guns trying to put the "skeer" in you while he sneers at you.

I fear there is no hope. We, as a nation, will just allow the insanity to go on. Too, too many people are more in love with guns than they are with their neighbor.
You are wrong. His point was those guns were not as "dangerous" in terms of what serious gun collectors handle as the media has made them appear. And gun can be deadly. I have handled far more "deadly" guns than those myself.

I know plenty of gun owners who still have plenty of love for their neighbors, and respect for them. And who would, if it came down to it, be as willing to defend their neighbor or a stranger as themselves if the situation called for it.

Gun ownership has nothing to do with one's love of his or her neighbor, or one's desire to make the world a better place for his or her children.