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it's already illegal for people to kill other people (unless in self defense). so what makes ANYONE think that illegal guns would have stopped this sicko? Oh this gun is illegal? Oh well then i won't go commit mass murder.

Illegal guns are easier to find here than one might think. drugs are illegal here too but we seem to have QUITE the drug problem in this country that's costing us billions in the "war against drugs" that is WORTHLESS.

then of course one can go onto google or youtube and get step by step instructions on how to make a homemade bomb.

You can't legislate the evil out of humanity no matter how hard you try.

why is everyone always fighting about gun laws and never about the dismal way we handle the mentally ill. once you are 18 nothing can be done to force someone into a mental health facility unless they do something like this. We are a "bare minimum" mindset when it comes to mental illness. this guys mother even said after the fact that she's not at all surprised he did this. what does that tell you? does taht tell you that if guns were illegal he would have just gone on with life? NO it does NOT! and the fact that he booby trapped his apartment with bombs and the like. did he just buy those at the corner store?

LAWS do not matter to the non law abiding. like I said it's already illegal to murder people so why didn't that law stop him?

This is all so very unfortunate but should be looked at as a "how do we improve help for the mentally ill in this country" instead of "OMG ban ALL THE WEAPONS" people will always hurt people no matter what tool they use. We need to find a way to TREAT these people BEFORE it gets to this point. but banning guns is simpler right? A bandaid is all it is
I think the above bears repeating. Especially this sentence:

You can't legislate the evil out of humanity no matter how hard you try.

I also don't get why he is referred to as the alleged killer . . . so absurd. Wonder why he TOLD the police that his apt. was booby-trapped with explosives . . . gee, maybe he felt a twinge of remorse for the murders he had just committed and didn't want to cause any more carnage. Of course I jest. Like other young mass murders have done, at least he could have killed himself but no . . . he wanted to stick around to bask in all the media attention. Too bad the cops couldn't have just dispatched him. I doubt he is mentally ill . . . unless being an intelligent, egomaniacal sociopath who craved fame at any cost could be classified as such. Now it will cost the taxpayers as he is put through the legal trial process.