I rescued a beautiful cat today. A beautiful Oriental Shorthair kitten, not more than 9 months old. I gave her a name. Her name was Lily.

Her lifeless body was laying in the middle of Route 5 in the pouring rain.

Call me crazy, but I could not let her lay there alone in the rain. I turned my car around and scooped her up in a towel. I took her to the vet to be scanned to see if she was "chipped". She wasn't. She was in rigormortis, which means she was hit by a car sometime last night.

Lily was a beautiful black tiger and white Oriental. She was unspayed and had flea dirt. The vet said it didn't look like she belonged to anyone. She was cremated and now is off to the Rainbow Bridge.

This is the part of my job I don't like. NO animal should die alone.

RIP sweet beautiful girl. You were loved, even for a brief moment. Play hard at the Bridge and watch over my RB fur crew.