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Thread: Prayers for Sparky~UPDATE#23

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    Prayers for Sparky~UPDATE#23

    Sparky isn't doing really well. Some know he has a serious heart murmur and is in CHF. He's on Lasix for fluid and Enalapril for his heart function, but his cough has gotten worse and more frequent, and now he has developed a pot belly (I call him jelly-belly) and is retaining fluid in his abdomen. His appetite is normal and he hasn't lost/gained weight, so obviously the Lasix is no longer keeping up with the fluid buildup, and he is on 3 doses per day. I tried to get him an appointment to get back in to see doc today, but they are on vacation this week, and I now have an appointment for Monday at 1 p.m.

    So being the researcher on the internet that I am, I checked out a site for CHF written by a vet. Doc hates when I say this, but of course I go by what she says anyway. There are other fluid pills available when the maximum dose of Lasix is no longer working, so of course I will bring this up with her. Also seems he should probably be on a low salt diet, so I guess that might mean prescription food (in addition to Myndi's low protein) or homemade meals. I really have no idea what doc will suggest and put into action for him.

    So I really won't know anything till Monday, but if you could say some of those special PT prayers for my boy, or at least send some positive vibes his way, I'd be so grateful.
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