This is Kelsar Dexter, but we just call him Dexi. Dexi is special for so many reasons. One is that he is an extremely striking cat, with unusual markings and a long body. But he also has a great personality and is never happier than when licking something fluffy. He'll do this even the toy mice he has, and my fluffy bean bag, which has now become his personal hidey hole!. He still has some of that kitten clumsiness (like falling off the back of the sofa, running headlong into the door because he missed the gap...) but he's fast growing into a lean, powerful cat. Also, he's one of the most vocal cats I've ever met. He has an incredible range of calls, whimpers, mewls, and general chatter, so that he charms everyone who meets him.

Good morning, Dexi! I agree with your biographer that you are an extremely striking cat! I think you are gorgeous with your green eyes, golden brown coat and beautiful markings! And I like your fun-loving personality, playing with your toy mice, or enjoying your bean bag hidey spot! How neat that you have a lot to say, too! I can see why everyone who meets you is thoroughly charmed -- I know I am! Dexi, as you grow and develop more physical power, I hope you never lose the wonderful power you have to give your family tons of smiles, joy and happiness. Could you please have your caring person give you some extra petting today or maybe a delicious treat to celebrate YOU! Happy Cat of the Day, beautiful Dexi!