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    Hello Vodou. What a treat finding you on DOTD. I have never known about a Standard Xoloitzcuintle before or any of the breed variations for that matter. Your mom certainly speaks very highly of you. I think both you and she are very lucky to have each other. Her love for you just oozes into the computer as she writes about you and I can see from your happy face that the love is mutual. Here are best wishes for the two of you to have many happy years together.
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    Hi Voduo, I have never hear of your breed either but it certainly seems like you ate a gentle giant that is very much loved! Happy dotd to you

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    Hello, Vodou! I have never met a Xolo before, though I did see one on the Westminster dog show. I like that you are so affectionate with your people, and how you hang on to your toy after you get it! (Can't have it; it's mine!) I agree with jspence, I can tell how much you and your mom love each other! I like the picture of you in your bright colored vest, it looks nice with your black color. Happy Dog of the Day to you, Vodou! I enjoyed meeting you today and learning a little more about you!
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    Gentle Giant Vodou!

    Hi Vodou! A very happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart!
    What a beautiful, big boy you are, Vodou, a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold! I've never had the pleasure of meeting a represenrtative of your noble, historic breed before, only had a glimpse of you on Westminster. So meeting you today, having the chance to drool over your beautiful photos, is a real treat! How lucky your family is to have a pup as rare, as smart and sweet and loving and snuggly as you...THE ultimate lap dog! I just love those helicopter ears, hehe, and I can only imagine what a pleasure it is to snuggle up against your soft, warm, hairless body! No need for electric blankets or hot water bottles in your house! You truly are special, Vodou, one in a million, and SO very deserving of the title, Dog of the Day!
    Thanks for the BIG smiles, beautiful boy! I hope you enjoy your much deserved day of honor, being spoiled rotten and loved to the max!
    BIG hugs and smoochies to you, beautiful Vodou!

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    Vodou.....My, what a handsome fellow you are. I have never heard of you breed but you sure are pretty.
    Congratulations on DOTD. We got to see you and to read such n ice things about you.

    Linda in SC

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    Standard Xoloitzcuintle eh? Not even gonna try to pronounce that Vodou was a brilliant choice as DOTD today! I was fascinated to see and learn about your lovely, unique dog. He sounds like such a big sweetheart, sure wish I could pet him and steal a smooch, sadly I can only wish him a fabulous day and a long, healthy life with all his favorite peeps! Peace and love from Canada!

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