I have been very blessed to have such a wonderful cat who is chock full of personality and strength!
Good morning, handsome silver Silly Willie! You remind me more than a little of Eve and Pinot Noir! You started off with a big health scare - I'm glad you are healthy and happy now. Your days are jammed with all kinds of fun things -- playing with your favorite toy mouse, checking out the outdoors, hanging out with Mickey D. Then you receive lovies, hugs and petting from your most caring person! I like the picture of you with your tummy up; could you please have your person give you some gentle tummy rubs from me, and lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles! You are so handsome with your golden eyes and silver tabby coat! I like the picture of you and Mickey D together so I hope you two will have a wonderful day! Happy Cat of the Day, sweet Silly Willie! Mmwah!