One Down stopped eating since the past few days. There is this guy who works in our house. He's almost like a butler you can say. He used to feed One Down. A few days back he went for a short trip back to his home. He lives in a city far away. Ever since he left, for some weird reason One Down stopped eating. Some people are saying that he probably misses our helper. My mom feeds him when our helper is away. One Down did this before once and then I fed him. He ate what I gave him (milk and bread) And I tried this this time, but, no. He didn't eat anything I gave him. My father's a doctor and knows about animals too and he told us some medicines. We gave them to One Down. I think he drank a tiny bit of milk after the medicines. At least he drank something.
Please pray for One Down. I hope he gets well soon.

What could be wrong with him?.. I'm seriously thinking about taking him to the vet before this gets serious. Could this be because of the extreme heat? He spends a lot of his day outside. I can't force him to stay away from the extreme heat outside :-\ He isn't the all obeying type... He isn't very jumpy and hyper these days either.

Please pray for him.