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    Hi Zeva - you are such a gorgeous girl! I love all your pictures and glad you found such a great home that loves and spoils you! I agree with you about lack dogs especially since I have two of them! Enjoy your day!

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    Hi Zeva, Congratulations on being dog of the day! You're so pretty! And we agree, nothing wrong with black hair! Beenie and Frankie shed a little a few times a year and we find frankie 'spice' on our plates occasionally but noone complains! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeva
    I love my life, my toys, my treats, my family - yes, it is all about me and everyone is okay with that - especially me! I can never get enough hugs and cuddles - don't let my size fool you, I can be a lap dog when I push people to the edge of the sofa.
    Good morning, Zeva! You are a lovely lady! I like the television character you're named for, too. So it's all about you, and I am so happy to be able to help celebrate YOU today! I would love to give you some hugs and cuddles-- perhaps your people will give you some extra ones for me today. Some for your dog-siblings too, please! Happy Dog of the Day to you, pretty Zeva!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

    "That's the power of kittens (and puppies too, of course): They can reduce us to quivering masses of Jell-O in about two seconds flat and make us like it. Good thing they don't have opposable thumbs or they'd surely have taken over the world by now." -- Paul Lukas

    "We consume our tomorrows fretting about our yesterdays." -- Persius, first century Roman poet

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    Oh Zeva...What a beauty you are. Greyhounds are so beautiful. I do love your color. I like black.
    I love all your pictures. You do have a lot of toys. You also have a nice family. Congratulations to all.
    Hope you have a long and wonderful life with your loving family. And Zeva, It is all about you. Have mom give
    you a hug for me.


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    Zeva Congratulations on being DOTD!!!! Black Greyhounds are the best, their faces have so much character!

    Our Tosca was DOTD a couple of days ago and sends her congrats to a fellow Greyhound!

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    Happy DOTD Zeva, enjoy your day and let everyone spoil you . You look like such a sweet girl, this life beats thew track for sure doesn't it-- The name Zeva beats the name Betty , it suits you to a T

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----

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    Happy DOTD to Zeva! Such a pretty, sweet faced girl! Loved seeing her and her posse, hope she has the best day ever, with extra treats Peace and love

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    Zeva the Diva!

    Greetings Zeva! Happy, happy Dog of the Day!
    What a beautiful ebony Grey you are, inside and out! I never understood the fear some people have of black doggies! Silly people! All they need is to spend 5 mins. with you to become true believers, that black doggies are, like you, among the sweetest and most loving pups on the planet! You truly are living the good life, pampered and spoiled to the max, Zeva, and deservedly so! (After all, it IS all about you!) And looking at the most impressive cache of toys you've got there, that shot of you napping on YOUR couch, surrounded by all that furry and human love, it's no surprise to hear you say your the happiest girl on earth!
    Oh yes, great thanks to Ms. Marilyn for making your storybook ending a reality, and to your family, for opening up their home and hearts to one very special and most deserving rescue pup! I hope your heart warming story inspires other families to do the same!
    Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Zeva, and to all of your beautiful Grey siblings, too!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Happy Day To You Zeva

    Hey there pretty girl you sure do deserve to be the dog of the day. Well I hope you get all the treats you want and plenty of belly rubs

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    Zeva - you are so pretty! So are your friends!
    I can tell that you have a great life - friends, toys, your 'own' sofa, and love all around!
    Enjoy being Dog of the Day!


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