Hello there to everyone hope all is well with everyone and there pets. Well my name is Tim and I just joined this site on the 4th of July at the worst time of my life my number 1 best friend Nike passed and it hurts so bad he was the finest hound to ever live. I went and got me a puppy the day after Nike passed hope folks dont think it was to soon because I am not nor could I ever replace Nike we just had that bond that most folks just dont get. Well anyway my new pups name is Braggo he is 14 months old weighs 71 pds and is a Boxer Blue Heeler mix and me and him well be great together he came from the shelter the only place to get a pet if you ask me . I am married to the most wonderful lady in the world and well be married two years come Dec. I am also a new Grandpaw for the very first time so I am really loveing that. Well I could go on and on about my pets and family but if there is anything that I left out just hit me up so nice to meet everyone