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Thread: Rango home remodeling

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    Rango home remodeling

    This morning I looked in Rango's tank and realized that while it was perfectly functional, it was boring. The flooring was paper towel, which is easy to clean but bland. She was getting too big for her caves to be comforatable anymore, and the whole thing was just kind of blah.

    So off I went to get new flooring and new caves for her to hide in. Slate tile is the perfect flooring for leopard's pretty, conducts heat well, and if they lick it, it's safe! (UNlike sand, which is VERY dangerous for them!) Also, the tiles can be washed in teh dishwasher when they get dirty. I picked up some tiles from Home Depot, then at Petsmart there were these big branches on sale, so I grabbed two. The branches form nice caves and nice climbing surfaces! I also picked up a better looking food bowl, since her mealworms kept escaping out of the old one and turning up everywhere. I really like how it turned out, and she seems pretty happy too!

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    Cool, I didn't know that about slate! Good job!
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    Looks good! All kinds of new things for Rango to check out! Hi, Rango!
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    I'm glad you like it! One cool thing about Leopard geckos is that they almost always go potty in the same spot. I got a couple of extra tiles so I can just swap them out while one is being washed. She always uses the front right corner of her tank, she's a tidy girl!


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