Last december a stray baby piggie was found wrapped in a towel next to a dumpster. The kind lady who found her brought her to the closest vet clinic, where my sister works. She knew someone who had recently lost their piggie to old age and was very saddened by his loss. She offered the baby piggie to this person, and the piggie became a (supposedly) beloved, spoiled pet. Fast forward to last month, they asked my sist if she could pig-sit for a few weeks while they went to China. No problem! Suddenly, out of the blue, they're going to be in China for a year and of we could find a home for the pig that would be great but they want ot keep the cage so they can get another one when they get back.

Don't even get me started. I'm SO PISSED that she's being abandoned AGAIN like this.

One of my customers kindly gave me a nice cage for her, it's this one:

I realize it's not perfect, but we're working on it. My sister has over 20 snakes, 5 cats, and a very energetic puppy, so adding a small fuzzy is out of the question. I have a Jack Russell mix and live in a loft where there is nowhere for me to keep her out of the dog's reach, so adding a small fuzzy is out of the question. We have a place for her to stay temporarily, but it's VERY temporary. She needs a home with someone who won't just toss her again. Poor girl.

If anyone knows anyone...LoL....I'd appreciate any help getting the word out. She's an abyssinian, red and white, and while she's a little jumpy when you first reach in to take her out...once she's out she is VERY cuddly. She was very small when she was found, so I think she's still less than a year old. I'm not good at sexing piggies, so I'm only 90% sure she's female.

I will try to get out to visit her sometime in the next few days to get pictures of miss Puffy, she's such a doll!