My best friend in the world died on July 4th 2012. He was only with me for 17 months but the bond we had is now tearing my heart out. He was struck by a car and thank God he never even felt it. He had just taken a ride with me and comeing home our daughter was walking by the road at our house I pulled inand he jumped out to run to her and I hollered out Nike and then well then it all just gets a little unclear I seen him fly into the air I ran to him tears already streaming and I guess I lost it he was gone by the time I reached him. Please someone out there tell me the pain will cease in time and only the good memories will remain. How could a little dog dig this deep into my heart? My wife is trying to get me through this but I cant sleep still cry I know its not been but 4 days and greef can take time but I cant get past the last moment of his life to even focus on the good times we shared. And this Rainbow Bridge Iv heard about I sure hope its true. Some say dogs have no soul but dont you have a soul to love and I know my little Nike looked at me at times with nothing but love in his eyes. Writeing this seems to have helped a little just letting everyone know that the greatest best friend in the world has joined all the other happy pets at the Rainbow Bridge