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  • Yes, I do all of it my self.

    14 43.75%
  • Trim Nails

    8 25.00%
  • Clean Ears

    4 12.50%
  • Brush Coats

    12 37.50%
  • Shampoo

    2 6.25%
  • Groomer does parts I don't do

    3 9.38%
  • Groomer does all of it

    3 9.38%
  • Other and please explain

    6 18.75%
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Thread: Do you Groom your own pet(s)?

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    I fixed the title to read "pets" to match the poll! We were very, very lucky with Miss Hoppy, as she decided after we tried clipping her nails, and then having the vet do it, to clip her own nails! It was not until she was an elderly bunny that I needed to do it! And brushes didn't work, we "groomed" her with extensive petting sessions for the most part, outside during the twice-yearly "big shed" season!
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    Mikey has a very low maintenance coat aside from being a heavy shedder. I brush him maybe once a week at most, unless my mom guilts me into it. His coat fascinates me because its almost like he's waterproof. He never stays wet for too long!

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    I do everything myself....but then again I'm a professional groomer so it would be pretty sad if I didn't.

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    Re: Grooming pets

    My Dorry is pretty low-maintenance, he's a classic silver grey short-haired tabby. Nonetheless (and I think that this is perhaps a bonding moment for us,) every day when I call him (I like to think so, although he probably hears me get out his grooming bag) he jumps up on the bathroom vanity counter and I brush and comb him tip to tail. And then he allows me to brush his teeth (vet impressed and so am I, considering that he likes to take little "nips" out of people, probably this works as I started when he was a tiny kitten.)

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    I am a groomer but I actually have a coworker clip and dremmel Nino's nails for me since he is MUCH easier to do at the salon on a table with someone supporting him. (I paint them sometimes too at that point)

    He would really benefit from the high velocity blow dryer to loosen all of his undercoat but I'm afraid that'd set him over into seizure territory. So we give baths in the back yard for both dogs and I clip Eliza's nails at home. We have a furminator for Nino and a rubber brush for E. I clean their ears with ear wipes. I have to use cotton balls at work but at home I refuse to because I have sensory issues and cotton balls are pretty much the WORST texture in the world for me.

    I am planning on getting a small, probably curly coated dog this fall or winter once I'm moved into my apartment and I plan on doing their grooming myself. I plan on doing some creative grooming at well. (I'm sure some of you remember when Nino was purple and then pink a year later)

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    I do it all myself. Both Snow and Lucky have short hair, so brushing them is very easy and baths are only occasionally. I use to take them both to the vet to get their nails clipped, but my vet showed me how to do it and then I invested in some nail clippers. Even though nail clipping still can be a two man job.

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    I groom my furkids myself. I don't bathe the cats and let the vet clip their nails as needed. I'm a chicken.
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    I do it myself.

    i dont mind giving a cat a trim or brushing if the cat views it as an attention/petting thing but im always anxious/scared of getting bit or clawed when it comes to giving any cat a bath or nail clipping though LOL

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    I do the vast majority of it by myself. The only part I need assistance with is clipping Ethan's nails, in which I enlist the help of my sister.

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    Well, since the title changed, my response is different.
    I will bathe the dogs and clip their coat a little. But Zoee goes to the groomer usually for a good cut every few months.
    I don't clip the dogs nails.......too scared. They go to PetSmart for that.
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    Old thread but what the hay, I do it all myself. Autumn just lays down and lets me move her whichever way I want so I can give her a haircut.
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