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Thread: Greetings From Ohio ^^

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    Greetings From Ohio ^^

    Hey, ya'll. I'm Abby. Pleasure to meet you. I'm seventeen years old and have wrapped up in the animal world since I could talk. When I was small, I use to watch old Westerns with my dad. From then on, horses were my life. Because we are a struggling middle class family, horses are MORE then out of the question.

    When I was six, i got my first bunny, Rose Bud. She passed away that same year, not long after we had gotten a second by the name of Lucky. Lucky had lived a total of TEN years, and passed away just last year. In the fifth grade, my father had brought home a crossed mutt that quickly became known as May, since my mother's first words were, "She may stay, she may not." May is now six and very much staying, as well as loving every moment with us!

    Three years ago I had gotten my first guinea pig, Roman. I had plans on showing him in 4H, but he ended up having seizures that did MORE then scare the daylights out of a thirteen year old girl. He passed away three days after he came home with us in my mom's arms. I didn't want any more guinea pigs, but decided in the end to give it one more shot. thus Yankee and Rebel came into my life. They are the brothers and look somewhat a like. A year after, in 2010 a day before Christmas, Dixi returned home with me in hopes of breeding. Sadly the chance was missed when she attacked any male we put her with!

    But the horse dream has never died. When I was seven, I started riding lessons. In 2009, the horse I had ridden for so long was sent elsewhere do to my trainer's pregnancy. Just this year, did I get in contact with her again and she assisted me in finding Val, the paint mare I am working with now. I have become more then attached to her and it will kill me to lose her in just a year for college. By the way, Val had gotten pet of the day June 30th, 2012!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! You sound like you'll fit right in here!
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