The "Is your pet your your best friend?" poll has been around for months (it almost seems like years) and the lack of change makes the site seem a bit stale. If this is because of a lack of new poll ideas, I'm wondering if either the poll should be completely removed, or if you're not getting enough email suggestions for new polls, maybe use the forum (even this thread) as a place for people to suggest additional poll topics.

To start the ball rolling, here are a few poll ideas of mine:

Did you get your pet from a shelter/rescue group? Yes|No|Some of them

Did expected lifespan play a role in deciding on what kind of pet to get? Yes|No|Partially

Over time, has your pet become more or less picky in the foods they like? More|Less|About the same

Feel free to comment on my suggestions and/or come up with ones of your own.

I hope this starts to help you come up with new poll questions!

(Karen, if the lack of new polls has nothing to do with the above, and you'd rather not have a discussion or new poll suggestions here, feel free to delete this thread. It won't bother me, the site is yours and I appreciate it with or without the polls.)