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Thread: Mac playing on his perch

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    Mac playing on his perch

    Mac, our B&G Macaw playing on his play perch!!

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    Well, hi, Mac! You were Pet of the Day last Monday and I'm glad to see you are back! That's a pretty spiffy perch you have! It has different levels and textures, how cool is that! I really like the part of this clip where I can see the blue of your wings, and then you turn around and I can see the beautiful gold underneath. I also saw a clip of you demonstrating how you hold an ice cube and break it up-- you must have a very strong beak to be able to do that. I bet that's a great treat for a super-hot day! I am so glad I got to see these two clips of you being amazing!
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    Such a great play perch - so many ropes top tear apart or climb on and lots stiff to do! Enjoy it Mac! Thanks for sharing his video!
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    Wow Mac, what a cool perch! You look like you're having a great time!

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    Mac is a gorgeous boy! He looks very happy!
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    He is a funny boy. pretty!

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    He is quite a character.

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    Can he untie the knots? My lovebirds like to untie the ropes and look really fun to see me pick them up and tie them back...

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